Nicole Lance

Nicole Lance is the CEO of Lance Strategies and the Managing Partner of Extraordinary Balance. A women’s leadership development expert, facilitator, executive coach, speaker, strategic planner, and promoter of self-care, she is passionately committed to helping organizations and individuals succeed in reaching – and reaching beyond – their goals. Nicole is known for her authentic, energetic, and positive approach to strategic consultation. Leaning on her extensive non-profit, local government, and private sector experience, Nicole translates easily between industries to provide exceptional value and high levels of return-on-investment for her clients. 

From working with major corporations like Google to supporting local governments, small nonprofits, and individuals, Nicole customizes unforgettable experiences to truly accelerate outcomes. She holds a Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in Urban Governance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies from Arizona State University where she also served as an adjunct faculty member in and currently serves as a curriculum advisor for the School of Public Affairs. Nicole has spoken and facilitated across the United States and at international conferences and is a national partner with the League of Women in Government.

Nicole is an Arizona native and loves to kayak and hike throughout Arizona with her dog, Nala. When he’s not busy in his high school classroom, she even takes her husband, Sean, along sometimes, too! She is the proud stepmom to a United States Navy Sailor, Myka, who taught Nicole the value of deep breathing when she was learning how to drive. Nicole and Sean also welcomed baby girl Emersyn to Team Lance in 2018 and currently spend most of their time chasing after her.

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