Stacie Mallen

Principal Consultant, Execute to Win, Author, Speaker and Podcaster

Driven to draw a direct connection from building an exceptional culture to financial results, she writes, speaks and works directly in the space of that connection. With both Fortune 50 and a string of high growth start-up success stories, her experience on how to
pull the right levers on the People Team for high impact results is universal for companies of all sizes. As a consultant, she specializes in leading cultural climate change for high-growth companies including attracting, growing and retaining the right talent.

Stacie works with high performing People Teams to optimize how the function can most directly have an impact on the business while efficiently and effectively moving the needle on top priority initiatives. To stay relevant as an industry leader—and to share her
expertise—she constantly absorbs, writes, and speaks about the tangible actions leaders can take to build a purpose-driven/values-based company that impacts top-line growth and bottom-line success.

Stacie also is a regular speaker/panelist and author of articles for Forbes Magazine, LinkedIn, her blog on as well as her podcast that can be found on Spotify and iTunes.